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Gathered as a series of articles that can be read each day or as a group, these "ponderings" reflect the intersection of family life and the Christian faith. They are a compilation of newsletter articles that Cheryl wrote over a period of 35 years while serving as a Pastor's wife. She writes of motherhood, marriage, friendships and much more. You will laugh, smile and sometimes cry as you read the insights that Cheryl reveals in God's Word.


How to Order

Click on one of the vendor links to purchase.  BookBaby is the publisher and preferred vendor for this book. 

Or you can send a check for $17.99 plus shipping ($3.25 for Media Mail, or $8.10 for First Class) to:

Rev. Chuck Hildbold

PO Box 350

Jennerstown, PA 15547.


More Ponderings From The Pastor's Partner

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