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I loved this book. I couldn't just read one Pondering. I had to keep reading. The articles show how every day happenings relate to God. Cheryl's Ponderings were my favorite part of the church news letter. I hope there is a Book 2.  ~  Barb O.


Thanks for sharing Cheryl with all of us. I'm loving her book.  ~  Joanie B

I absolutely LOVE đź’• the book. I've laughed, cried, & prayed.  I believe after I am done reading it, I'll be closer to  the Lord, & our marriage on a totally different path.  ~  Penni P.


Perfect gift! I loved reading her ponderings in the church newsletter; it was always the first thing I went to!  ~  Joyce K.


There are so many wonderful ponderings, I can't choose which one I like the best. They are all great. Cheryl was a wonderful mother and wife.  ~ Alan K.

I love the book, it is my favorite read after my Bible each day. ~ Sandi S.

Great wisdom on each page from the heart of a sweet lady. Our loss and heavens gain. Shalom ~ Joel M.

Received my copy on Saturday. Started reading and blown away by Cheryl’s writing. Can’t wait to get into the content! Thank you for sharing her gift!  ~ Karen R.

Cheryl's book is so well written and very inspiring. It's from her heart and with the love of our Lord Jesus! She is missed and in our hearts forever! ~ Carol B.

Her book is so inspiring. I enjoyed reading it. ~ Sandra D.

Reader or not, you will significantly benefit from Ponderings From The Pastor’s Partner. Cheryl Hildbold relates her life by stories about herself and her family. My wife and I could not put the book down. Every story reveals a mother’s daily life in her family of 4 children. She tells you in a truthful manner that embraces details such as her thoughts, mistakes, success, and events. The highlight is how she ties each day into God’s word. ~ Stephen M.

Once I began reading "Ponderings" I couldn't put the book down.  I felt like Cheryl was beside me telling the stories as I read them. ~ Bonnie C.


I got a copy of the book shortly after is was published on bookbaby.com. The articles are very well written and thought provoking. What with me being stuck here in State College I will admit not knowing Cheryl as the rest of the family did. By the chapters I have read she was a very thoughtful and caring person whom I would have been please to get to know.  ~ James S.


Cheryl’s writings are an unexplainable joy to read every day. ~ Jayni B.


 It is such a wonderful and comforting book. It reminds me so much of my mother. ~ Lisa P.

What a joy to have read Cheryl's book.  She lives on through the pages of her book and I will reread it again and again for encouragement, understanding, and to enjoy her wonderful sense of humor.   It is her ability to make the sometimes mundane things in the daily lives of a wife and mother seem humorous and important  that will often bring tears to my eyes and enables me to  relax and enjoy the privilege and joy of being a wife, mother and grandmother. ~ Maggie & Tommy E.


I honestly love it.  I've cried, smiled, laughed just reading the reviews, your letter, and many of Cheryl's devotions in the front and in the back, and I know I will  cherish having this copy of Cheryl's "ponderings" always.  ~ Penny N.


I ordered three books from Bookbaby and checked Amazon several times and  finally put the book on a list.  I have several retired pastor’s wives that I want to give it to.  I read a few each day as part of my devotions.  There is a lot to which I can relate.  I enjoy the pictures, funny stories, and spiritual applications, and her transparency.  It warms my heart to read about the love and devotion between the two of you AND your family.  No wonder you miss her so tremendously!  Our son, Kondy, lost his wife to colon cancer seven years ago so I know the pain is real.  May God continue to strengthen you and wrap His loving arms around you and your family.  ~  Elizabeth M.


I am having a hard time putting the book down! Every "pondering" is so interesting and insightful that I want to read more, then one more, and one more.  Cheryl was a great writer and it is obvious from her writing that she loved and was so proud of her family. ~ Pam Z.


The book is FANTASTIC, just like the author!  A great, real, down to earth, and as a member of one's family type of communication!  St. Cheryl reveals her heart and creative and gifted person that the Lord uniquely created!  So glad you and the family had the vision to compose and publish it!  ~  Ron R.

So wonderful having Cheryl's book as part of my morning devotions.I have finished her book a couple days ago but have started reading it again.  Yes everyone, this book is that interesting.  Thank you Hildbold family for having Cheryl's ponderings made into a book.   God Bless.  ~  Georgianna Smith

I want you to know how much I am enjoying "Ponderings from the Pastor's Partner." I use it as part of my daily devotional. It is very inspirational and encouraging, and at times a bit humorous. I am blessed by the readings in this book.  ~  Roger

The book is a wonderful reminder of what a great storyteller Cheryl was.  ~  Barry & Lynn B.

It's very relatable.  ~  Kathy L.


I have known Cheryl for over 40 years as a dear friend; but after reading this book, I feel like I know my friend a lot more!  ~  Kevin H.


It’s an amazing book! God is going to use it mightily!!!  ~  Debbie S.


This book is as beautiful as Cheryl! I have a hard time putting it down!  ~  Carol B.


I just want to thank you and your family for sharing Cheryl’s beautiful thoughts and compiling them into the first book. It’s been a very busy week for me but I enjoy reading a passage or two before bed. It is beautiful.  ~  Jackie F.


This beautiful book - by my beautiful sister - is wonderful... each morning when my husband, Bob, and I do our Bible-time we start out with a page from the book... sounds just like her talking to us.  ~  Diane S.


With tears in my eyes the ponderings bring back so many memories of Cheryl.  ~  Norm K.